Kickstarter – 9th June 2014

That’s the date – the 9th of June, 2014 – the date we will be starting our Kickstarter campaign for GeneRally 2!

It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point, and we pushed the date back a number of times to gather further community feedback and to ensure we had a product worthy of asking for your donations – but we firmly believe we’ve reached a point where what we’re offering is clear, and backed up well by proof.


Feedback & Improvements

Over the past two months, Markku, Kimmo and myself have been working on improving the game in line with the feedback you gave to us with the launch of the Kickstarter Demo.  Over 5,000 of you have played the web-player demo, with thousands of you returning to play again and again (far beyond our initial expectations).  Additionally, you’ve given us a wealth of feedback on social media and the various community forums, which has been incredibly important in helping us try to ‘hit the mark’ with GeneRally 2.

A few of the improvements we’ve made in response to community feedback recently are:

  • Physics changes to the various vehicles, to bring them closer to the traditional GeneRally feel (more work needed here, but you should already see improvements).
  • Improved the interaction with moveable objects, to give them a much more convincing feel.
  • Fixes to the ghost car.
  • An improved experience/car identification when racing at night (by using “spotlights” to locate player cars instead of glowing cars).
  • Improved UI experience in the demo menu (explaining more thoroughly how to select cars).

We’re still looking to gather as much feedback as possible from the community going forward, and work will be continuing throughout the Kickstarter period.  We’ll be updating the Demo page with these fixes soon (and hopefully making standalone downloads available during the Kickstarter campaign).

Furthermore, the community helped us greatly in giving us feedback through the Kickstarter Survey – and we were able to tailor the rewards more specifically and, consequently, lower the proposed budget!


The Road to Kickstarter

Over the next 10 days, we’ll be finalising the last few bits and bobs to be ready for the launch of the campaign (videos, press materials, etc.) – and we’ll be getting in touch with as many relevant gaming websites as we can, to try and give us the best possible chance of achieving our funding goal.  We’ll be sending out press kits and updated playable demos to as many gaming publications as will take them, to hopefully bring GeneRally 2 to a wider audience.

We’re hoping that you, the community, can help us in taking word of the game (and the fundraising campaign) to your favourite gaming forums, websites and social media groups.  If you know of, or are able to put us in touch with, any gaming publications that you are associated with or that might be in your own country/language, please do get in touch with us ( and let us know!

For now, though, we’re ever-thankful for your ongoing support – and we’re confident that GeneRally 2 will have a safe and secure future!

– James, Markku & Kimmo